Heard enough? Want to jump on board right now? I don’t blame you! Honestly, you won’t look back. You will love these oils – I promise!

It’s possible to buy your oils retail, but please don’t! Friends don’t let friends buy their oils retail!

You can pick up a wholesale account for $35 and then add any oils you want at wholesale prices. And the best bit? You will get those wholesale prices for the next 12 MONTHS! No obligations, no fine print, just beautiful pure essential oils at wholesale prices shipped straight to your door!

Signing up is super easy:

  1. Go here and select “Join and Save” up the top.
  2. Select “Wholesale Customer”
  3. Choose from the range of amazing enrolment kits, or choose the Introductory Welcome packet for $35 and then add the oils you want to order.

My pick of the kits? The Home Essentials Kit. It includes membership, the petal diffuser and doTERRA’s top 10 selling oils which are your toolbelt for changing your life and home in a BIG way. Overhaul your first aid kit, your cleaning cupboard and so, so much more.

Once you are enrolled, I will be notified and will be in touch with you to help you along on your journey. In the Lava and Stone family, we look after each other. I will add you to all the private member’s pages, point you to accessories and send you a very special welcome pack (because that’s how we roll in this family!).


You can buy any doTERRA Essential Oil products by going here.