Essential Oils are AMAZING. They are volatile, aromatic compounds that are naturally occurring in nature and extracted from the bark, stems, flowers, roots, seeds and other parts of plants. When you hold a rose to your nose and inhale, it is the rose’s essential oil that you can smell, and that is what makes nature so beautifully unique.

Plants produce essential oils to protect them from environmental threats (natural pest control etc.) and to assist with plant pollination. They are a truly “essential” part of their biology.

Why essential oils benefit humans is simple: we ARE a part of nature as well.

We are hardwired to respond to nature and be nourished by it, not just with what we eat, but what we inhale and absorb topically. Citrus oils do give our mood an uplift; peppermint does help to open our airways. Some oils are incredible on sore muscles while others can help to settle sore tummies. We respond to nature because we’re part of nature.

As you’ll discover, though, quality is a movable feast when it comes to purveyors of essential oils.

When choosing an essential oil company to partner with, there are a few things to consider:

Are the oils 100% pure of the highest grade possible?

Are they sustainably sourced?

Are the farmers/workers treated well with fair wages and safe working conditions?

Is this a company that gives BACK to the earth?

The answers to these four questions are the reason why I chose doTERRA and why I still stand proudly behind the company. To learn more about doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing, please take the time to watch the video on the left, and if you’re ready to take the next step, click the button below.