Never too old

Never too old for a bit of face painting 😍 Thankyou @littlefairyjasmine for the beautiful art ❤️❤️

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R E B E L //

R E B E L // 🌱 Breaking my self imposed ban on coffee after 2pm. Only one more day left of school and I am t-i-r-e-d.

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T W I L I G H T //

T W I L I G H T // 🌱 Thankyou to everyone who came down to say hi tonight at our @tinyshopsonwheels twilight market! It was cold, windy and miserable...everywhere ELSE in Mandurah, but down our quirky lane it was nothing but laughter, bubbles and the twinkling stars above ❤️ 🌱 Didn't get a chance to pop in? That's cool because tomorrow we will be doing it all over again - 9:30am-4pm just outside of Make Place on Tuckey St. Come down and pick up some local handmade gifts for your teachers, co workers, secret santa etc. 🌱 And [...]

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I love the Emotional Aromatherapy Collection. 6 beautiful blends to gently steer you through all of life's twists and turns. On the craziest of days, there is Peace. Cheer for the mornings when the sun just doesn't rise. When you are stuck in a creative block, there is Passion. Console is there to hold you when you just need to process. Forgive to soften the grip of pain so that you can gently let go. Finally, on those days you just "can't even" - Motivate is there to deliver a quick kick up the bum. For me, I bought this [...]

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LAVA • AND • STONE • LOVES // 🌱 This kit still excites me 2 years after getting my first little collection. 6 incredible blends that helps to bring calm, to evoke sensuality and deliver a swift kick up the bum on days you "just can't even". 🌱 Oils that bring sunshine on the darkest days, oils that help to soften the heart and let go of pain. Oils that help to bring perspective. Oils that, when used consistently, will help gently massage your emotions to be something that serves you, and not destroys you. 🌱 So if you are [...]

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H A N D M A D E • & • L O C A L // 🌱 My heart SINGS for this. Whenever you can, shop local and handmade. ❤️ 🌱 Did you know Lava and Stone also offers Zip Pay on jewellery AND doTERRA enrollment kits? That means you get all the feels of supporting local without the pressure on the hip pocket! 🌱 #lavaandstone #doterra #essentialoils

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S C A N • A N D • B L E N D // 🌱 Have all your oils but want to know a little more about how to best use them? Feeling a little frazzled/run down and want to maybe have a look at some natural options? Then keep your eyes peeled 👀 🌱 This weekend and next weekend I will be at the @tinyshopsonwheels Christmas Market outside of Make Place in Mandurah, and will be running 2 mini workshops where you can come in and have a quick iTOVi scan to see what your body needs. Afterwards [...]

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