Pick up your dictionary, and somewhere between concerned, concupiscent*, and controversial, you might find Conor.

Perhaps. For a woman that’s equal parts educated and endearing, she brings a rare blend of enthusiasm to the table that causes you to question the wisdom of her parents in not calling her Eilleen or Esmerelda. Whatever you call her, she’s the sort who brings life to any party.

A Western Australian who grew up in towns far-flung from the city, her early years were spent cultivating a fierce love of Coffee Chill, and staunch resistance to fresh food.

Conor’s unexpected foray into wellness shifted from a passing phase to a full-blown adventure in 2015. It has now found its fullest expression in her business, Lava and Stone and her passionate crusade for essential oils and a ‘collection of DoTERRA on a shelf in every home’.

Spend more than five minutes with Conor, and she’ll likely tell you all about essential oils and how all this started.

Heavily pregnant with her fifth child (not a typo), a friend invited Conor to a DoTERRA workshop. She sat around a kitchen table, sniffed all the right bottles at all the right moments, but there was no epiphany. It was strange enough to be looking at small brown bottles, stranger still to consider that a drop or two of lemon oil would fix a runny nose.

The cleaning products aisle at Woolworths was her first love; she would not turn her back easily.

Eight months later, living in Bali on the sort of whim typical of their semi-nomadic family, wheels began to turn.

Conor’s family was sick. Dengue Fever kind of sick. The house resembled a pharmacy, yet no amount of prescriptions, tonics, legal or illegal drugs could turn the un-wellness ship around. In a line-in-the-sand moment, the inventory of medications was lined up on the kitchen bench, recorded for Insta-posterity, and a decision was made: “things are gonna change”.

Willingness and desperation produce action.

Conor began with a ‘Home Essentials Kit’. Unlike Lot’s wife, she never looked back. The medical cupboard, cleaning cupboard, and laundry cupboard were systematically cleansed of all evil. It triggered the journey back to health for the whole family.

It turns out that grand adventures can begin with small brown bottles and for Conor, this one continues to gain momentum.

So, welcome to Lava and Stone – Conor’s repository for all this oily goodness, wisdom, and acquired experience.

Chaotic? Maybe. Brimming with life? Absolutely!

Conor is married to a man that she will shamelessly declare is the most wonderful man you will ever meet, and together they have brought five children into a world of wonder.

*go on, Google it

What people are saying about Lava and Stone.

I am so in love with my beautiful necklace! I deliberated for ages over which one to choose. I usually go for aquas and turquoise so I decided to be brave and go for pinks instead – and it was absolutely the right choice! It’s gorgeous. It arrived within a couple of days with essential oil samples that Conor had chosen specifically for me. I have lots of health issues so it was really kind of her to personalise it for me. Opening the package = the loveliest scents coming up to me even before I unpacked the necklace! I have to confess I’ve never really believed in this new essential oil trend. But they smell soooooo delightful. Waaaaay stronger than the oils you can buy at the supermarket or pharmacy – which means one drop on a lava bead goes a very long way. Today I’m using lavender and it’s lovely. Smells amazing


As beautiful in person as it was pictured. Such a unique piece, the person I bought it for loved it. Lava & Stone also sampled some beautiful essential oils on the bracelet which were perfectly suited to the recipient! Postage quick and great communication. Will definitely be back to make another purchase. Thank you!


These are absolutely gorgeous! And my friend adores the one I got for her and she is an essential oil connoisseur !!


I am so happy with my custom made necklace. The process was so quick & easy and Conor used the exact colours I was hoping for. The necklace is so eye catching. Now I want to buy more in different colours.

Justine Aldridge

Beautiful necklace, great length, I’m loving wearing it and getting lots of compliments. I also appreciated the sample of oil that was kindly sent with it – a lovely way to enjoy subtle fragrance throughout the day. Highly recommended.

Amy Gates